About Lisa

Lisa first experienced kinesiology to help her mind, body and soul heal after the birth of her third child, who was born with special needs. The changes Lisa experienced were profound, and subsequently she was thrilled when the opportunity to study kinesiology presented itself.

She now holds a Diploma in Kinesiology and is a qualified NOT Practitioner, one of only a handful of Kinesiologists in the state trained in this advanced technique.

Adding to her advanced knowledge and skills, Lisa has undertaken further study in the areas of Autism/ Asperger’s, counselling, coaching, nutrition, GAPS diet, Paleo AIP, Australian Bush Flower Essences and subtle energy. Lisa also holds a Diploma of Business Management, a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment and is a professional member of the Australian Institute of Kinesiology. Lisa is a lecturer for Kinesiology Schools Australia, specialising in Energy and Emotional subjects.

Lisa’s training provides a very solid foundation allowing her to effectively help and assist a diverse group of people in all kinds of emotional and physical pain. Although Lisa has excellent results with many health issues she is a specialist in the following key areas of health and wellbeing:

* Assisting people of all ages with special needs and learning difficulties while developing effective ways to support their family;

* Hormonal help for all kinds of situations including adrenal, thyroid and women’s issues;
* Emotional health and being in the best frame of mind no matter what life sends your way through the use of specialised techniques including EFT;
* Supporting you and your family managing life’s changes, big and small;
* Optimal digestive health, including that all important gut brain connection;

Lisa has insurance through AON and is a Registered Professional Member of the Australian Institute of Kinesiologists Ltd. She holds a blue card and is first aid qualified.

Please call Lisa on 0418 186 734 to explore how Kinesiology may be able to help you.


Visited Lisa Beyer Kinesiology today to help myself get some clarity regarding foods that are causing issues, and came out feeling a lot more positive and on the right track now as to what foods are problems and what track to take. I highly recommend ALL my friends like her page and if you are around Brisbane/Redcliffe or even Sunshine Coast I highly recommend booking an appointment with her.

Amanda, Brisbane

Lisa is so intuitive, understanding and always listens to what you are saying and what your body needs! I struggled with hashimoto and the emotions of an autoimmune illness. She not only understood me but was able to work on the emotional side of illness. I felt an immediate shift after one session and have a completely different perspective. I no longer feel defined by illness but rather can cope with the day to day fluctuations of illness and life. I actually struggled to get past that 70% barrier and now after having three sessions with Lisa feel nearer 95%. I previously know nothing of kinesiology but am a true convert.
Thanks Lisa.

Nancy, Northern NSW


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