AIK Clinical Mentoring

Australian Institute of Kinesiologists members are invited to work with me to meet your annual mentoring hours set by the AIK. These sessions are available in different formats to meet your needs:

  • small group sessions in person or via Skype
  • 1:1 in person or via Skype

Group sessions are held on specified dates and come at a discounted rate of $25 per hour to help you watch your costs. 1:1 sessions are $50 per hour.

Upcoming Calendar for Group Mentoring

16 April in person 10am-12pm      Skype  6.30-7.30pm AEST (check your timezone) 

14 May in person 10am-12pm      Skype  6.30-7.30pm AEST (check your timezone)

1:1 Mentoring can be arranged by appointment at a time that suits us both.

Please call or text 0418 186 734 to book your place.


2017 Update

Oh the neglect! I even had to get a password reset to get back in to adjust my site.

After over a whole year since my last post, it is time to say hello and share the latest news.

Great news for my lovely clients from Redcliffe  who have been schlepping over the bridge for the last couple of years; I am now taking bookings at the divine Relax and Replenish in Redcliffe. Come in for a consultation (and a cuppa at the attached Lavender Cafe) soon. Thursday is the day if you would like an appointment at Redcliffe- cnr Porter St and Ashmole Rd.

Bracken Ridge Natural Therapies continues to be the place to book in for Friday and Saturday appointments.

Another thing that has changed since my last post is further upskilling. I have taken some incredible advanced practitioner training that clients are raving about. Please call me soon to ask about your survival systems and the effect they have on one another and how they can hold you back if they are in alert.

Now Open for 2016

clinic stuff

Do you need a debrief from the extended family stuff that often comes up in the holiday season?

Have things come up for you on this time of reflection that you would like to get on top of?

Are your goals for 2016 in line with what you REALLY want?

Are there big changes ahead with the new school and work year and you (and your child) would like to be ready?

I am back to work and taking bookings now. Please call on 0418 186 734 to discover how kinesiology can help you.


Growth mindset as explained by G

My daughter has finished her assignment on growth mindset and has given me permission to post it here. I love her example of cartwheels as this was something that she really did work hard to be able to achieve. Enjoy.

Oh and she has asked if you can please subscribe to her channel.


New clinic location

Hi there,

A short but sweet post today to let you know that I am now available for consultations at Bracken Ridge Natural Therapies, taking bookings on Monday, Friday and Saturday.

If you have been thinking about booking in, now is your time! Call 0418 186 734 to book your space.

Easter Break Bookings

Can you believe that the school holidays are almost upon us? All three of our cherubs are really looking forward to some Daddy time with my amazing husband who is taking some time off to be with them.

While my loves are enjoying their time together, I am seeing clients, but spaces are filling fast. Please call on 0418 186 734 to book a time for you or your child.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Australian Bush Flower Essences and how they can help you

BFE Happy Health Kids

Right now I am on a ten minute break in a fantastic webinar, Healthy Happy Kids presented by Ian White from Australian Bushflower Essences. This week I have been learning about how BFEs can help with retained neonatal reflexes and important points to consider in pre conception, pregnancy and birth care. I look forward to incorporating the things I am learning into clinic. Book in with me if you would like some help with your little one. I have a very friendly set up and would love to see you.